Skeletal & Muscular Conditions

Manipulative therapies can offer amazing relief for skeletal and muscular conditions. However, if you find yourself returning again and again because adjustments don’t hold or relief is short lived, it really is worth trying kinesiology.  As well as looking at structural aspects, Kinesiology also encompasses emotional and nutritional elements to help get to the root cause of the pain. 

A kinesiology assessment will also take into account your posture and seek out at any muscle imbalances – muscles work synergistically and weakness in certain muscles can cause others to overwork and become over tight, causing pain and discomfort.  

When dealing with injuries kinesiology employs a highly effective technique called Injury Recall.  When our bodies are injured our cells retain a memory of that injury which can hinder the healing process.  The Injury Recall technique may help to release that memory and promote healing.

"I received a strong recommendation from a friend to go to Louise following  double knee replacement operations and various joint pains, and my own doubts about whether the supplements I was taking were indeed appropriate for my anti-inflammatory needs. Louise identified supplements which were costing me money and giving no benefit and alternatives which, along with the work she did, have quickly reduced my pain levels after just two appointments.  I would rate the service as 5 Star." Jonathan Calvert, Hindhead.