Personal Development

Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs can have a negative effect on our mental and physical health.  Low self esteem, lack of confidence, fears, anxieties and phobias can all hold us back in our personal and work life. 

When dealing with any health issue, kinesiologists look to see if there are any emotional factors, conscious or unconscious, that may be stopping the client from moving forward or getting well.   

Muscle response testing can be used to reveal any hidden conflicts and inner negative beliefs that may unwittingly be sabotaging the positive changes a person wishes to make.

Kinesiology has a range of effective techniques aimed at:

  • Working through self esteem and self awareness issues
  • Forgiving and releasing past anxieties/ issues about yourself and others
  • Feeling empowered/taking your power back
  • Helping to address bad habits, e.g. the desire to overeat or smoke
  • Setting goals and desired outcomes
  • Overcoming phobias, e.g. public speaking
  • Accepting and loving yourself and others