Health Conditions

This is the area where I would typically list the health conditions that kinesiology has been shown to help with and where I have been able to give relief and benefit to clients.  Sadly, strict rules governing the promotion of complementary therapies do not allow me to list specific conditions on this website, which can make it hard for a potential client to make an informed choice.

Therefore, if you have a particular health condition you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I routinely offer short, free of charge consultations/taster sessions in Petersfield to answer any questions about how the therapy works and whether it might be suitable for you.  

You may also like to keep an eye on my Events & Presentations page where you will find details of locations where I will be demonstrating the therapy or offering taster sessions.

In my experience kinesiology always provides benefit in some form.  The simple reason for this is that it helps to restore the body's natural balance, and in doing so puts the body in the optimum position to do what it does best, self heal.

"I was skeptical about Kinesiology.  After one session I had much less pain in my joints, and my posture was better.  After the second session, I am walking more easily than I have for years, my digestion is improved and some irritating skin problems are clearing up!  Bring on the next session!!  Thank you :-)". Margaret T, Petersfield.