Long Term Health Conditions

The majority of people who come to me have long term (chronic) health conditions.  They typically display an array of symptoms that, whilst not life threatening, can be extremely debilitating and stop them from enjoying life to the full.  

These are usually nagging symptoms that we all learn to live with and don’t realise how much they are impacting our wellbeing until they are no longer there. Chronic disease doesn’t just happen; it is usually the result of an accumulation of factors over the years that slowly chip away at the body’s immune system until it is unable to cope.  

An astonishing fact is that our cells can retain a memory of past physical and emotional trauma or injury. Physical symptoms or pain manifesting now may well be the result of emotional trauma or an injury or accident experienced years earlier.  Kinesiology can help to look beyond the symptoms to get to and deal with the root cause of illness. 

Improving gut health is another factor that can significantly improve some chronic conditions.  Click here for more information: Importance of Gut Health in Chronic Conditions.

The diagram below (by authors Drs Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall) outlines the origins of chronic disease and lists factors behind it, e.g. chemicals, drugs, pollution, pesticides and dental metals, to name but a few.  

To this list I would add emotional trauma, caused by events such as bereavement and divorce, as well as physical and emotional trauma caused by injuries.