About Kinesiology/FAQs

What is kinesiology?

Often pain or discomfort that we experience in the body is symptomatic of an underlying issue.  For example back pain can be caused by stress, a poor diet or a lack of water.  Recurring headaches may be caused by emotional stress, neck problems, food sensitivities or something in your everyday environment, for example over exposure to electromagnetic devices.  

Kinesiologists use gentle and precise muscle tests to tap into the biochemistry of the body in order to identify the problematic areas and tackle the root cause, whether that be emotional, physical, chemical, energetic or structural. 

Kinesiology is a calming therapy that many people find delivers much needed relief. For more information please watch the video or contact me.  Kinesiology is much better experienced than explained, and for this reason I offer short complimentary taster sessions. 

How does muscle response testing work?

Muscle response testing involves the client resisting light pressure placed upon muscles that are associated with their problem.  Each muscle corresponds with an organ and an acupuncture meridian.  Biofeedback obtained from muscle testing identifies imbalances in the meridian energy circuits, helping to determine:

  • the location of the imbalance/problem  
  • the type of imbalance - mental, physical, chemical, energetic or structural
  • what is required to address the imbalance and support the body

Muscle testing is non invasive, painless and suitable for all ages, including babies and the infirm. 

What happens in a kinesiology session?

We will spend some time discussing your health status and I will  carry out a series of muscle response tests which will indicate the areas we need to focus on.

I will then carry out balancing techniques, which can include holding reflex points to improve blood supply to the affected area, massage to stimulate lymph supply and drainage (helping to remove toxins) and meridian tracing to promote the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.  

At the end of the session I will suggest a plan, which may include nutritional support and lifestyle changes.

The assessment is done through clothing, there is no need to undress, and loose or stretchy clothing is recommended.

How much does a kinesiology session cost?

Initial kinesiology appointment - £65 (approximately 90 minutes)

Subsequent kinesiology appointments - £55 (approximately 60 minutes)* 

Taster session - No charge (15 -20 minutes), available at Petersfield only

*Subsequent appointments in Midhurst are 90 minutes due to the way the room diary is divided and therefore charged at £65.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends very much on the health issue and how long you have had it.  As a guide, most clients require between three to six visits. Clients usually feel a change straight away. 

Many clients choose to have routine sessions two or three times a year as a way of maintaining good health. 

Not sure if kinesiology is for you?

I offer free 15-20 minute taster sessions/consultations in Petersfield (without any obligation to book a future appointment) to help you decide if kinesiology is for you.

Where are you based?

Normingtons, 7 Heath Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4JE
Therapy Rooms, Cowdray Hall, Midhurst, West Sussex , GU29 0AW